Get ready for your Winterfest Experience 2019. What we have found is that we know our backyard is absolutely Magical in the Winter. What we want you to do, is have a personal and authentic experience of the East End. It’s completely different then what you will find in the peak tourism season. But here’s the best part. All the winemakers and food and experiences of what makes us unique is still here and yours to enjoy without the traffic and the crowds.  If you are looking for a great weekend getaway and an experience to remember forever, it’s right here.

They will create a few custom experiences for you to enjoy, at varying price points. Come play for the day or stay for the weekend. Choose from wine tastings to vineyard concerts and theatrical performances.  We are your personal tour guides for Winterfest 2019.

Updated event schedules and participating venues will be posted after January 15.

For more information and all the details visit their Website here


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