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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Hello! My name is Ralph Amitrano, I live “Out East” on Long Island with my wife Kathi and my two incredible boys.  I was born and raised here, I own a business here, my boys go to school here and we love it.  The purpose of this site is to give back to the community and be a good source of information to both locals, seasonal residents and visitors alike.

This blog and Podcast is where we share all sorts of stories, reviews, upcoming events, and exciting interviews with local thought leaders.

If you would like to be interviewed on the Podcast or know someone or a business that should please let us know.  There is lots of information under the podcast tab like what to expect pre-interview to post-interview and how to be sure your friends or clients are able to here the interview.  For more information check out the Podcast tab up top or CLICK HERE

We love our readers, listeners, and our contributors.  Please feel free to share your thoughts and we’ll do our best to continue to share and provide you the best information that we can!