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Southampton Town Aquatics and Recreation, a group whose initial effort to build a public swimming pool was shot down in a referendum back in the mid-1990s, is back at it. According to Josephine DeVincenzi, a retired Southampton School District administrator, who serves as the group’s vice president, the group plans to raise up to $25 million for the project, which would include $19 million for the facility itself and another $6 million to provide seed money for operating costs.Some of that money has been used to hire Counsilman-Hunsaker, a consulting firm, which reviewed the findings of a feasibility study and helped it sharpen its focus. STAR has also been working with the Sports Facilities Advisory, a planning, and management firm that Ms. DeVincenzi said will be charged with taking the project “from concept to concrete.”

Although Ms. DeVincenzi said STAR was hoping to attract some major donors “who might want to put their name on a building,” she said the organizers believe the project needs grassroots support and the smaller donations that come with it if it will truly be a success.

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