The Interview



Good. The date has been set. Your interview has been scheduled. What now? First, you need to realize. To society. Your family and friends. To your customers, clients, or patients—the idea of being interviewed, you being recognized as the expert, is a huge accomplishment. Thus, you should be proud and you should announce it. And you should treat it as a big deal. Because those who care about you most, will see it as a big deal. They will be proud of you too. They will congratulate you. And, if you spread the word, they will help you spread it further. In pure business terms, this is viralword-of-mouth advertising. At the same time, it’s building your authority and reputation because you are being talked about, and others are being told about you, as the expert. As a side note. If you are uncertain about how best to announce or promote your upcoming interview, don’t worry. Should we decide an interview on Voices Out East® is right for you, we have a guide that can help you with that. Even if you’re an old media pro, this guide will introduce you to some new ideas.   

This is the big day. Leading up to this point, you have alerted friends and family members. Customers, clients, or patients that you will be interviewed on x-date, about X topic. In those few days of pre-interview promotion, you undoubtedly, even if only announcing it on Facebook or in your client newsletter, will have received many “congratulations.” On the day of your interview, this is one more opportunity to announce the big day, which perhaps, you have been counting down to. Not to mention, hopefully, have turned your Interview appearance into an opportunity to engage in a dialogue with your close personal sphere and audience. You may be an expert, for example, on topic X, but maybe you’ve only been interviewed a few times. Or maybe this is your first time. No problem. This is an opportunity to ask those who care about you, “for help” or “tips.” This gets people invested in your success. When you ask someone for advice, it deepens the relationship. So don’t be too proud to seek help. Up to this point, your aim has been to build a “community” of people that will be rooting for you. And don’t fool yourself, your people want to root for you. They are dying to be a part of your success. And people who root for you, need I say it? Are people who refer 🙂 i.e. lots of new business. 

This is where all the “money” is. From a trust and credibility perspective, as well as from a marketing and promotion stand-point. If you visit the websites and read the bio of known thought-leaders, you’ll notice they list their most recent interviews and media appearances. Has “appeared on…” “as seen on…” is a “regular contributor to…” If they write or publish articles, where their writing appears is often listed too. And, the longer these lists are, the human mind deducts, the greater the Authority that this person is. And, the more demand there is for his knowledge and expertise. If you take two plastic surgeons, for example, where one has been interviewed 16 times and has recent media appearances vs. the other, who has no media appearances—who is a prospective patient more likely to trust? Hey—I’m just telling you how the human mind works. This is why it’s so important though, to have “appearances” in your bio and to your credit… and, one of the fastest growing forms of media right now, gaining more exposure every day, are Podcasts. It’s like talk radio, except, the Podcast universe is exploding at the same time the radio universe is dying. According to the USA Today article, “Remember podcasting? It’s back—and booming” Apple has now surpassed 1 billion subscriptions on iTunes. That’s not counting Stitcher. Sound Cloud. Or any of the other Internet radio platforms.

Long story short, your Interview will give you exposure to a growing community of listeners, and it can be leveraged long after its initial release. 

The mission—to make any interview you do…to live on forever. And, if you’d welcome ideas on how to do this, for friends of the Podcast, I’ve put together a special report with different ways your Interview can be leveraged… from simply updating your media appearances, to being added into your follow-up sequences, or even converted into content for positioning and lead generation.