Inspiring, phenomenal, miraculous…a true hero. These are just a few words and phrases to attempt to describe Morgan Leary.

Selfless, supportive, loving…willing to go to the ends of the Earth…these words and phrases attempt to describe Morgan’s family.

Over 3 years years since Morgan was diagnosed and Morgan, Brian, Emily and Emma continue to fight beyond comprehension each and everyday. This family is an inspiration to all. They are all heroes.

The East End Lacrosse Programs decided to get involved yesterday and it was truly an amazing evening!  Morgan was such a trooper.  As the temperature dropped Morgan hung in there through both the boys and girls lacrosse double header in WHB with the amazing East End Teams who all took part.  What an amazing little girl.  We can all learn so so much from you Morgan, Keep Fighting! We Love You!

Please consider contributing and continuing to support this incredible family. Any amount would be greatly appreciated.


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